Our Commitment
Fathers United is a ministry of New Life Word Center that focuses on establishing relationships with Fathers and their children.

Fathers are the foundation of our families and lives. They give us an example of our Heavenly Father.

This ministry is committed to seeing the development of both children and Fathers so the Blessings can be passed down from the Father to the Child. Our commitment is to unite the Fathers to their children and see the Blessing manifest their lives.

All Young Men from ages 8 – 16 



  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Developing a Relationship with Jesus Christ
  •  Developing a Relationship with Dad
  •  Personal Mentoring
  •  Professional Guest Speakers
  •  Swimming
  •  Golf
  •  Basketball
  •  Movies
  •  Fishing


You can become a sponsor today and play a major role in developing young men to become leaders for their generation and generations to come.

Fathers United Camp 2016